The Podcast Returns! E3 and Prometheus

It’s been a while, huh? Well, we’re finally back with a new and improved, hopefully weekly version of the CinEffect podcast. If you’re wondering what happened to us and why we had a hiatus, the answer could be shortened in two words: Mevio are a bunch of fucking sell-outs.

But yeah, you get the idea. Now we’re under a new hosting site, Podomatic, which will hopefully work smoothly or us. Regardless, our new episode (which was split in two due to being overtly lengthy), discusses only two topics: E3 and Prometheus. So have a seat and listen to our ramblings as we discuss how disappointing every E3 press conference was and how totally not disappointing Prometheus was.

Listen to the Episodes here:


Part 1:
(0:00) Life – Prometheus OST
(1:00) Introduction

(3:33) E3 Introduction
(4:29) Ubisoft Conference Overview
(22:51) Microsoft Conference Overview
(32:51) EA Conferece Overview
(38:03) Sony Conference Overview
(50:03) Nintendo Conference Overview

Part 2:

(0:00) Prometheus Review
(37:35) What We’re Watching Next Week
(42:47) Links and Podcast News
(43:52) Alex and Chris rip on ‘Savages’
(44:43) Prometheus Trailer Music

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