American Horror Story: Asylum Is Gonna Be Awesome


American Horror Story is awesome. It’s also silly, stupid, ridiculous, lurid, cheesy, and a whole slew of adjectives that are popping in my head at random. But I fucking love it.

There’s really no show like American Horror Story, love it or hate it. Never have I seen a show go so over-the-top in just about every aspect in such a gleefully absurd and enjoyable fashion. Is it the greatest show on television now? Far from it (Any answer that isn’t Breaking Bad or Louie is downright wrong), but it’s certainly one of if not the most enjoyable.

Not only did American Horror Story really push it in how much combinations of graphic violence and sex you can cram onto a network program (True Blood doesn’t count in this regard since it’s HBO), it also pushed the limits of the amounts of insane plot twists you can cram onto a single season of television. I dunno if it’s okay to spoil things for this article, but just in case you’re interested, here’s a spoiler warning for Season 1…


Every single major character except for Jessica Lange pretty much dies by the end of the show. And not only that, they’re all now ghosts in the creepy house haunting the next groups of move-ins for reasons that I simply can not explain for fear of being too confusing and convoluted.

You’d think that they couldn’t top something as batshit as that for Season 2. Thankfully, however, the creators have seemingly acknowledged that act as well and have done something I don’t think I’ve seen another show do in recent memory: Start from scratch for Season 2.

Season 2 (Dubbed American Horror Story: Asylum) has an entirely new setting, storyline, and cast (With the exception of the returning Jessica Lange, which is a wise choice considering she was one of the best things about the show). Instead of the cliche haunted house, we have the slightly more original setting of a creepy mental asylum run by a suspicious staff that is run by a fittingly creepy nun (Jessica Lange).

Sounds like enough crazy to fill an entire season, but if that still isn’t enough, check out the insanely creepy and inventive imagery from these teasers…

Yeah, it looks pretty insane.

But is that STILL not enough for you? How about the fact that this season will have Nazis, Serial Killers, Aliens, and Mutants. If that’s not a fucking insane combination, than nothing is.

And if that STILL. ISN’T. ENOUGH…how about the promise of seeing Maroon 5’s Adam Levine getting gruesomely killed?

American Horror Story: Asylum premiers this October, and I’m crazy excited.

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