CinEffect Podcast Episode 2 – The Master, VHS, and Spec-Ops: The Line

Episode 2: The Master, V/H/S, and Spec-Ops: The Line. Click here to listen.
Long hiatus aside, we finally come back to look at Paul Thomas Anderson’s much hyped The Master and analyze it’s many dense themes and concepts. Along the way, we also channel surf through the horror anthology V/H/S, debate the moral ambiguity of Spec-Ops: The Line, and take a brief look at the charming downloadable Steam title Tiny & Big, which features magical underwear. Also: Chris’s weird story about a double feature gone horribly wrong.
(0:00) No Other Love by Jo Strafford – The Master OST
(0:49) Intro
(6:26) Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers
(10:19) Spec Ops: The Line
(26:51) V/H/S
(46:13) V/H/S Spoilers
(48:30) The Master
(1:27:07) Chris’s Funny Story
(1:30:50) What We’re Watching Next Week
(1:35:57) Links (Plus a possible URL change)
(1:38:43) Changing Partners by Helen Forrest – The Master OST

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