CinEffect Podcast Episode #3

Episode 3: Looper, Borderlands 2, and Torchlight II

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Chris and Alex go in-depth on time travel paradoxes this week to discuss Looper. Also, Borderlands 2 and Torchlight II on the games side of things, as well as Chris’s experiences with his new PS3. We’re going weekly again, mofos. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


(0:00) Everything Comes Around by Nathan Johnson – Looper OST
(0:45) Intro
(2:48) Chris Has A PS3 Now (Shout-Out To Snake/Lorcan McCormick)
(8:23) Alex: Borderlands 2
(22:36) Alex: Torchlight II
(30:30) Chris: Uncharted 2
(35:13) Looper Review
(1:09:26) After-Thoughts: Prometheus, The Master 2nd Viewing, and more
(1:15:49) What’s Out Next Week
(1:19:07) Links
(1:22:24) Other Stuff In Theaters
(1:25:02) Powerful Love by Chuck & Mac – Looper OST

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