CinEffect Podcast Episode #4: Spec-Ops: The Line, Killer Joe, Frankenweenie, The Loved Ones

A disturbing episode for disturbing movies and games. Chris and Alex have a spoilery discussion about the moral ambiguities of Spec-Ops: The Line, take a look at William Friedkin’s NC-17 rated Texas yarn Killer Joe, discover the joys of resurrecting dead pets with Frankenweenie, and torturing your prom dates in The Loved Ones. Classy shows call for classy subject matter.

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(0:00) Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix (Spec-Ops: The Line OST)
(0:36) Intro
(2:08) Alex Teases His Horror Game Extravaganza
(2:50) Spec-Ops: The Line
(18:50) Spec-Ops: The Line Spoiler Discussion
(36:26) Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
(40:18) Frankenweenie
(49:21) The Loved Ones
(56:43) Killer Joe
(1:24:47) What’s Next Week
(1:28:57) Random After-Discussion
(1:31:51) Links and Weird Stuff
(1:33:54) A Merman I Should Turn To Be by Jimi Hendrix (Spec-Ops: The Line OST)

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