CinEffect Podcast Episode #6 – Cloud Atlas, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Hotline Miami, and The Innkeepers

In today’s episode of the CinEffect podcast, Chris & Alex dive into the various layers of Cloud Atlas. Does it really succeed in its lofty ambitions? Also being discussed: Silent Hill Revelation 3D is terrible, The Innkeepers is surprisingly effective old-school horror, and Hotline Miami is an adrenaline rush of a game. Oh, and Chris’s voice sounds like God for some weird reason.

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Episode Timeline is after the jump…

(0:00) Paris (Hotline Miami Soundtrack)
(0:38) Intro
(6:00) Hotline Miami
(24:30) Random Gaming Discussion
(26:37) The Innkeepers
(36:09) Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
(51:23) Cloud Atlas
(1:34:00) What’s Next Week
(1:46:21) Outro by M83 (Cloud Atlas Trailer Music)

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