Star Trek Into Darkness Gets a Teaser…For Its Teaser

I’m against the mere concept of a “teaser for a teaser”. It’s essentially just extraneous hype-building. I mean, it can work well if it actually succeeds in building hype, but that doesn’t make the concept of an “Announcement Trailer” any less ridiculous.

Thankfully for Star Trek Into Darkness (Yeah, that’s our title, folks), it succeeds in general hype-building. In fact, it works pretty damn excellently. Full announcement trailer and general thoughts after the jump…

So yeah, pretty cool. Lots of epic destruction (It looks so much like the Earth sequences in Mass Effect 3, which just tickles my hype-emitters), great visuals, cool alien planet designs, and to top it all off, Benedict Cumberbatch (aka BBC’s Sherlock) giving an exquisitely menacing voice over.

Also, I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind the lens flares. Okay, they were awful in the Total Recall remake, but Abrams himself uses them pretty effectively in my book. Easy to make fun of? Perhaps, but I find them very stylish and not quite as overbearing as everyone makes them out to be. Also, can we have more Simon Pegg scenes please? Pleeeaaassseeee?

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