Giant Mech Punches Out Cthulu in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim Trailer

Guillermo Del Toro has been dealing with some rough stuff. Between being kicked out of The Hobbit and losing At The Mountains of Madness, he just can’t catch a break when it comes to his directing duties (As a producer of horror films, he’s been doing better with). It’s gotten to the point that Del Toro’s safest bet was to do a full-blown giant monster/giant robot movie in the vein of previous money-makers like Transformers and other films of that ilk. Click the jump below for the trailer and my personal thoughts on it…

It looks…okay…

I mean, there’s nothing bad about it, but I don’t see why everyone on the internet has been jumping up and down on the love-wagon for it. It’s got the good visuals, huge spectacle, all the bells and whistles, etc., except…it looks like Transformers but with better craftsmanship. Hell, on paper, it’s worse than Transformers: It has more in common with a SyFy original movie in the vein of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Hell, it could literally be called Mega Robot vs. Giant Dagons.

There’s only one reason why I would be excited for this, and it’s the only reason why anyone should be excited for this: Guillermo Del Toro’s involvement. Del Toro always puts passion in whatever it is he makes, so that alone could hint on this being much more than just a Transformers clone. I’ve heard from various people on Twitter that the script for this is actually pretty good and the trailer doesn’t do it justice.

To be fair, Del Toro’s co-writer is the same guy who wrote Clash of the Titans remake, but I heard that that film went through big studio edits and what we saw wasn’t the true version (Which would make sense considering how watered down that one was).

At the very least, it looks to be much better directed than a Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich disaster-porn flick. The giant monsters and robots actually have a sense of weight and scale, and Idris Elba looks great in what looks to be the role of the captain of the giant robot army. Plus, you gotta love the line “We had to combat monsters BY MAKING EVEN MORE MONSTERS BWAHAHAHAHA!” So even if it ends up being juvenile destruction porn, it will at least be well-made destruction-porn.

I get it. There’s a nostalgic, perverse, 12-year-old-kid-in-me glee to watching what’s essentially a mega-budgeted version of a Megazord scene from Power Rangers–And believe me, I was the biggest Power Rangers nut as a kid. But considering that this was the same guy who brought us Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and The Devil’s Backbone, films with immense imagination and character, I expect more out of him than Transformers But With Cthulu And Friends, I Guess.

We’ll see when it finally hits theaters next year…

SIDEBAR: Per my Power Rangers comparison, someone on Twitter actually said it has more in common with the Evangelion anime series. Now that is something that immediately increases my interest.

SIDESIDEBAR: inb4 the “pacific rimjob” jokes, I guess…

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