To Bigger, Brighter Things…


Well, it finally happened. 2013 is off to a rollicking start because I’ve finally been hired to be a critic for a professional site. And not just any professional site: A brand-spanking new one to boot. will feature reviews from critics across the globe from Melbourne to Austin to New York to my hometown of LA. Also worth noting is that each of the writers are all incredibly talented, smart individuals; each of whom are more intelligent than me.

Now, this does not mean I’ll be abandoning CinEffect completely. I still have Recent Movie Round-Up to use here as my personal film journal, as well as a bunch of other reviews that won’t be published on the Movie Mezzanine. Plus, I can’t talk about video games on a movie site now, could I?

However, expect some reviews from yours truly to also be on that site as well, plus potentially a weekly series of articles I might try my hand at.

Nevertheless, you should visit the site regardless. Lots of smart people, great reviews, there’s gonna be some really cool features, and more fun stuff. Currently, we have a Top 50 Films of 2012 list (With three blurbs about Cloud AtlasAmour, and Beasts of the Southern Wild written by me), and I’ll be having a review of the new disaster film The Impossible published there tomorrow.

Happy New Year, folks!

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  1. Marcus Irving

    Congratulations Chris! I hope everything goes well for you at Movie Mezzanine.

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