Movie Mezzanine: Top 10 Films of the ’90s

<b>The History of Film:</b> The Best Movies of the 1990s

The entire Movie Mezzanine staff and countless other film writers/critics chipped in to list their Top 10 films of the 1990s. My list is included, the entire staff is included, some new additions to the staff are included (Including Alexander Huls, Odie Henderson, and Alex Withrow, all three of which are fantastic writers), and some more great writers outside of our website like Jordan Hoffman, Rob Hunter, Jordan Raup, David Ehrlich, Matt Goldberg, Andrew Parker, Alex Billington, Allison Loring, Germain Lussier, Ethan Anderton, Laremy Legel, and more contributed as well!

Here’s a link!

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