CinEffect Podcast Episode 18

JAM-PACKED episode this week! In which Alex and I discuss the latest release of Captain Phillips, the now-on-VOD Escape From Tomorrow, Telltale Games’ Walking Dead follow-up The Wolf Among Us, the latest Pokemon, the season premieres of Brooklyn Nine-Nine & American Horror Story: Coven, and also KINGDOM HEARTS. Just… KINGDOM HEARTS, you guys.

To listen to this week’s episode, click here.

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(0:00) The Wolf Among Us Main Theme
(0:11) Intro Discussion

(6:24) Rune Factory 4
(10:56) The Stanley Parable Demo
(16:49) Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD + General Kingdom Hearts Discussion
(31:23) Pokemon X & Y
(39:11) The Wolf Among Us

(56:50) Brooklyn Nine-Nine
(1:01:53) American Horror Story: Coven

(1:12:01) Escape From Tomorrow
(1:38:54) Captain Phillips

(1:58:00) What’s Next Week?
(2:08:33) Marvel Casting News & Rumors
(2:11:49) Links

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