I Am The Man In The (Letter)Box(d)

Wanna know what I think of every movie I see and don’t have a Twitter account? Well now I’ve joined Letterboxd, a handy dandy social networking site made specifically with cinephiles in mind. Letterboxd basically encourages its users to be more involved with their movie watching habits, by regularly checking into the site, checking which movies you’ve seen, rating them, and–if you’re so inclined–writing a little (or big) review. It’s also a great way to follow the movie watching habits of other critics you admire, or friends of yours who are also into movies.

And now that I’ve joined the site, you no longer have to wait for me to write an extra long review on Movie Mezzanine or this site to get my thoughts on various movies, and it also allows for more long-form conversation than twitter, obviously.

You can follow me here. Just recently, I reviewed the Robert Redford vehicle All is Lost and the recent adaptation of Ender’s Game. Also, my podcast cohosting buddy Alex has a Letterboxd account too, and you can follow him here. He…doesn’t use it much anymore, but who knows! It certainly doesn’t hurt at all!

Happy movie watching, everybody!

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