CinEffect Podcast Episodes 19 and 20

Better Nate than lever! Oh wait, that’s not how it goes… help me out here…

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(0:00) Theme from Carrie (1976) by Pino Donaggio + Disclaimer
(1:32) Intro/Other Podcasts/Foreign Exchange Student

(16:41) Chris is still playing Kingdom Hearts HD
(18:18) The Stanley Parable
(24:43) Upcoming Games Discussion

(41:21) 12 Years a Slave
(59:34) Carrie Remake & Comparing to the Original
(1:30:13) What’s Coming Out Next Week

(1:37:18) Links/Goodbyes
(1:38:06) Journey to the Line by Hans Zimmer (12 Years a Slave Trailer)


(0:00) Those Days Are Gone and My Heart is Breaking by Barton Carroll
(0:59) Intro

(5:47) Batman: Arkham Origins

(23:14) Blue is the Warmest Color
(41:26) The Counselor

(55:34) What’s Coming Up (Already Come out)
(1:05:54) Links/Where to Follow Us
(1:06:37) Reflektor by Arcade Fire

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