CinEffect Podcast Episode 21

A jam-packed episode this week as Chris and Alex gush over Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave, reminisce the disappointments of both Thor: The Dark World and Ender’s Game, get meta with The Stanley Parable, brag about seeing Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises before everyone else, and other such shenanigans.

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(0:00) The Wind Rises Theme
(1:25) Intro

(10:14) The Typing of the Dead
(16:43) The Stanley Parable
(26:16) Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

(39:07) Ender’s Game
(1:01:56) The Wind Rises
(1:19:00) 12 Years A Slave
(1:41:36) Thor: The Dark World

(2:08:33) What’s Coming Out This Week?
(2:12:18) Links/Outro
(2:15:33) 12 Years A Slave OST by Hans Zimmer

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