CinEffect Podcast Episode 26

Quite a jam-packed show this week, full of content for movie nerds and gamers alike! After detailing the criminally underplayed Divinity: Dragon Commander and Platinum Games’s ludicrous Revengeance, we move onto some brief talk on Spike Jonze’s Her and the Belgian drama The Broken Circle Breakdown, and then move on to a party platter of big films, from the anticipated sequel to Anchorman, David O. Russell’s American Hustle, Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, finally capping everything off with a review (more of a rave) of Martin Scorsese’s latest insane masterpiece, The Wolf of Wall Street.

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(0:00) Black Skinhead by Kanye West (The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer)
(1:12) Intro

(10:23) Divinity: Dragon Commander
(17:57) Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
(19:42) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

(33:35) Her
(43:09) The Broken Circle Breakdown
(46:59) Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
(1:00:46) American Hustle
(1:14:47) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
(1:31:03) Nebraska
(1:43:25) The Wolf of Wall Street

(2:05:08) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:10:16) Links
(2:11:39) 10538overture by Electric Light Orchestra (American Hustle OST)

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