CinEffect Podcast Episode 31

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you listen to us talk about movies and games! Everything is awesome! When you listen to uuuusssss… and stuff, I guess. We talk The LEGO Movie, the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, an early review of Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, Alex playing Persona 4 for the first time, Chris’s masochistic fascination with Attack on Titan, and more!

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(0:00) Everything is Awesome (The LEGO Movie OST)
(0:15) Intro

(2:33) Miscellaneous Game Talk
(7:24) Jazzpunk
(19:14) Persona 4
(40:59) The Wolf Among Us Episode 2
(46:40) SPOILERS: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2

(58:26) Miscellaneous TV & Olympics Talk
(1:00:06) Attack on Titan

(1:03:06) Enemy
(1:21:47) My Neighbors the Yamadas
(1:29:59) Vampire Academy Critic Shenanigans
(1:33:39) The LEGO Movie

(1:53:45) Links/Outro
(1:55:05) Coming Soon…
(2:07:06) The Wolf Among Us Credits Theme

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