CinEffect Podcast Episode 34

wat about non stop tho

The horrors never stop. The horrors of war, the horrors of Lovecraft, the horrors of airplane security…well maybe that one’s stretching it a bit. We’ve got reviews of The Wind Rises, Non-Stop, Stranger by the Lake, The Rocket, the extended edition of Anchorman 2, Strider, and more True Detective geeking. Also, Christopher can’t sleep anymore after the horrifying visions of the elder ones in Recover Search and Rescue Simulation. No ankles, no dancing.

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(0:00) The Wind Rises OST by Joe Hisaiashi
(0:36) Intro/Oscar Talk

(5:50) Strider
(11:56) Recovery Search & Rescue Simulation Stream

(30:10) True Detective

(41:45) Stranger by the Lake
(49:23) The Rocket
(58:20) Anchorman 2 Extended Edition
(1:04:47) Non-Stop
(1:16:45) The Wind Rises

(1:50:31) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(1:55:17) Coming Soon to Games…
(1:55:57) Links
(1:57:02) Vapor Trails (The Wind Rises OST)

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