CinEffect Podcast Episode 40

ds2 rm snow

You died. Your friends have died. Your family has died. Only podcasts remain. From here to eternity.

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(0:00) Dark Souls II OST
(0:41) Intro

(4:28) Resident Evil 4
(16:52) Dark Souls II

(51:21) Fargo (Plus Random Tangents!)
(1:02:04) Rick and Morty
(1:08:01) Ping Pong: The Animation

(1:16:34) Transcendence
(1:38:04) Patlabor Double Feature
(1:49:14) Snowpiercer

(2:08:58) Links
(2:09:47) Coming Soon…
(2:21:47) Snowpiercer OST

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