CinEffect Podcast Episode 41

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You don’t wanna wake up do you? Just follow my voice into the void. Just follow me until your ears are harvested for maximum podcast energy. We love you.

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(0:00) Brother Louie (Louie Theme Song)
(0:16) Intro

(3:24) Dark Souls II
(10:26) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
(26:01) Child of Light
(46:36) Kentucky Route Zero Act III

(58:44) Louie Season 4
(1:04:29) Miscellaneous Shows

(1:06:10) WXIII: Patlabor The Movie 3
(1:17:42) The Amazing Spider-Man 2
(1:53:15) Blue Ruin
(2:05:36) Under the Skin

(2:30:46) Links/Plugs
(2:31:49) Coming to Theaters…
(2:41:17) Under the Skin OST by Mica Levi

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