CinEffect Podcast Episode 51

wish i was heregunbusterlucy

You know the problem with hiding behind a podcast? It’s that everyone can hear you.

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(0:00) Noriko’s Theme (GunBuster OST)
(0:27) Intro

(3:11) Brief The Walking Dead S2E4 Impressions
(7:43) Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late

(21:17) GunBuster

(45:21) The Purge: Anarchy
(59:02) Begin Again
(1:14:05) Lucy
(1:40:16) Wish I Was Here (Plus Garden State)

(2:14:11) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:21:18) Links/Outro
(2:22:22) So Now What by The Shins (Wish I Was Here OST)


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2 responses to “CinEffect Podcast Episode 51

  1. Ed

    I don’t like contradicting anyone’s mother, but Keira Knightley does in fact do all her own singing in Begin Again.

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