CinEffect Podcast Episode 57

night movesgiovanni's islandleftovers

We, the Guilty Remnant, shall serve as living reminders of the horror that befell us three years ago: The Sudden Departure of all Podcasts. Some day, those audible, downloadable beauties will return to us. But until then, we must wait here in our purgatory, awaiting for either their return, or for our redeemed souls to join them.

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(0:00) Night Moves by Bob Seger
(0:39) Intro/Alex’s 21st Birthday

(7:34) Alex Buys an Xbox One
(22:27) Killer Instinct
(29:06) Crimson Dragon
(34:32) TxK
(41:53) Velocity 2X

(51:46) The Leftovers Season 1

(1:08:54) Giovanni’s Island
(1:29:15) Night Moves

(1:49:51) Coming Soon to Theaters/TIFF Gossip
(2:07:17) Links/Outro
(2:08:39) The Leftovers Score by Max Richter

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