CinEffect Podcast Episode 63

evil withinbirdmanno3_kaguya_nikonikoboard_outmadness

Madness. Coiling in our ears as thoughts collude and form into the effluvial grime of our own minds. Pure, beautiful madness. Spreading and consuming all into forms beyond our limited comprehension. Wonderful. Blissful. Madness.

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(0:00) In the Mouth of Madness Theme
(0:45) Intro

(2:18) The Evil Within

(52:27) The Knick Season 1 Finale

(55:58) Birdman
(1:14:16) The Tale of Princess Kaguya
(1:33:02) Fury (Quick Thoughts)
(1:33:44) The Book of Life
(1:45:37) From Beyond
(1:57:47) In the Mouth of Madness

(2:14:55) Next Week’s Halloween Theme
(2:16:23) Coming Soon to Theaters and Games…
(2:23:39) Links/Outro


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