CinEffect Podcast Episode 78

Nate D. Sanders Auctions Collection Of Academy Award Oscar Statuettes Set To Be Auctionedworld ends with youvoices

Sing a happy podcast, sing a happy podcast.

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(0:00) Twister Gang Remix (The World Ends With You OST)
(0:30) Intro
(1:20) Academy Awards Reactions

(42:35) Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
(48:52) The World Ends With You

(1:02:48) The Silence of the Lambs
(1:26:18) The Voices

(1:55:52) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:04:28) Links/Outro
(2:05:23) New iTunes Review Read!
(2:08:25) Sing a Happy Song by The O’Jays (The Voices OST)


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