CinEffect Podcast Episode 113


Once there was a young prince who set out on a quest to find a precious podcast…

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(0:00) Exodus by Wojciech Kila (Knight of Cups OST)
(0:43) Intro

(1:07) The Division

(38:40) Random TV Interlude

(40:15) Knight of Cups
(1:06:07) The Boy and the Beast

(1:39:18) Coming Soon…
(1:47:43) Links/Outro

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One response to “CinEffect Podcast Episode 113

  1. daene

    A lot of the exposition problems of Hosoda’s film boil down to an unfortunate Japanese production problem common with most recent Japanese commercial films, in the Variety article titled “Self control is Killing Japanese movie prospects”, a veteran screenwriter is all too well aware of films as overwritten as this one, in that they are created by and for producers and film committees rather than singular artists with visions: “A lot of these so-called producers (on the production committee) are not film people and don’t know how to read a script,” adds Inoue. “In a film you can say a lot without words, but these guys don’t get that. And when they say ‘I don’t understand,’ someone has to add explanations to the script. The film becomes longer — and more boring.”

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