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CinEffect Podcast Episode 66 (GUEST: Kevin Ketchum)

interstellaralien isolationbig hero 6

There is more out there. Out beyond the stars. The vastness of space. Where no podcast has ever dared record. We go further.

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(0:00) Interstellar OST by Hans Zimmer
(0:42) Intro (w/ guest Kevin Ketchum)

(2:54) PlayStation TV & Freedom Wars
(17:09) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
(27:03) Alien: Isolation
(51:18) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

(1:06:47) CitizenFour
(1:23:47) Mr. Turner
(1:33:20) Big Hero 6
(1:55:27) Interstellar
(2:17:27) SPOILER ALERT for Interstellar

(3:01:28) Coming Soon to Theaters and Games…
(3:10:57) Links/Outro
(3:12:14) Interstellar OST

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