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CinEffect Podcast Episode 74

Marion Cotillard in Two Days, One Nightsong of the seaamerican sniper


Hold your ear out to the shell. Close your eyes, listen closely, and you will hear the Song of the Podcasts.

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(0:00) D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die OST
(0:34) Intro
(1:16) iTunes Review

(3:57) D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die
(20:33) Evolve Beta

(43:03) The Voices
(54:29) Blackhat
(1:07:19) Song of the Sea
(1:19:26) American Sniper
(1:37:41) The Imitation Game
(1:43:09) Two Days, One Night
(1:56:23) Oscar Nomination Talk

(2:07:13) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:15:45) Outro

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