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CinEffect Podcast Episode 77


A true gentleman listens only to podcasts.

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(0:00) Heroes by Jessica Lange (AHS Freak Show OST)
(0:55) Intro/Kyle Turner Berating Me

(5:26) Miscellaneous Game Talk
(12:44) New Nintendo 3DS Launch
(30:31) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
(44:44) Shovel Knight

(52:55) American Horror Story: Freakshow

(1:14:32) Capote
(1:31:43) Kingsman: The Secret Service

(2:11:05) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:14:13) Links/Outro

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Arthur Newman Movie Review

<b><i>Arthur Newman</b></i> Plumbs the Depths of Blandness

I could’ve been reviewing Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain (Which I hear is actually really insane and fun), but noooooo, I have to review this dull turd instead. My review of Arthur Newman, starring Colin Firth and the (always awesome, thankfully) Emily Blunt. Link here.

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