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CinEffect Podcast Episode 72

imitation gamedragon agewild


We apologize in advance for the screwed up audio in this episode, but please don’t blame us. Blame God for blighting Chris this way.

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(0:00) Episode Audio Disclaimer
(0:59) El Condor Pasa by Simon & Garfunkel (Wild OST)
(1:37) Intro


(5:22) Alien: Isolation
(21:23) Dragon Age: Inquisition
(44:51) Elite Dangerous
(1:03:39) Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
(1:06:45) Alex’s Amiibo Addiction

(1:16:13) Starry Eyes
(1:25:10) Tamako Love Story
(1:34:51) Wild
(1:49:41) The Imitation Game
(2:01:23) Palo Alto
(2:15:20) Big Eyes

(2:27:01) Links/Outro
(2:29:58) Palo Alto by Devonte Hynes (Palo Alto OST)

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