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CinEffect Podcast Episode 42

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Sixty years ago, something awoke from below us. Something beyond human understanding. Something so monstrous that it can’t be stopped by mere humans. That thing was podcasts. And now that it’s reached us, nothing will survive in its wake.

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(0:00) Original Godzilla Theme
(0:24) Intro

(4:15) DreadOut
(20:26) The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3

(33:18) Miscellaneos TV Talk
(34:46) Ping Pong: The Animation

(44:42) Neighbors
(57:33) The Double
(1:14:52) Godzilla (and Monsters)

(1:42:38) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(1:53:02) Coming Soon to Games…
(1:56:05) Links
(1:57:18) Remember Me by Anadel (Walking Dead Season 2 OST)

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