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CinEffect Podcast Episode 56

walking deadlockeenemy 2-2

Stuck in a car with Tom Hardy for 90 minutes? Listen to a podcast to pass the time. Nothing bad can happen from that, right?

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(0:00) The Walking Dead Season 2 OST
(0:29) Intro

(10:16) Lethal League
(26:47) The Walking Dead Season 2
(49:38) Miscellaneous Game Discussion

(53:45) As Above So Below
(1:01:51) Enemy
(1:24:40) Locke
(1:45:10) Miscellaneous DVD Talk

(1:48:43) Coming Soon To Theaters
(2:02:14) Links/Outro
(2:04:10) After the Lights Go Out by The Walker Brothers (Enemy OST)

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‘Enemy’ Movie Review

enemy 2-2
Enemy is a really strange and creepily mysterious psychological thriller. Read my full thoughts on the film on Movie Mezzanine.


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