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CinEffect Podcast Episode 16

So how ’bout that Breaking bad, eh?

Finally back on schedule, we review some new games like Rockstar Games’ hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V and Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101, while also reviewing some movies. Movies of Yesterday (Prisoners, from 2 weeks ago), movies of Today (Don Jon, from last week), and movies of Tomorrow (Escape From Tomorrow, releasing next week on limited and VOD). There’s also some more talk of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs! So fun times all around!

To listen to this week’s episode, click here.

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(0:00) Skeletons by Stevie Wonder
(1:02) Breaking Bad Finale (NO Spoilers)

(8:58) The Wonderful 101
(22:12) Grand Theft Auto V
(48:42) GTA Online
(53:37) Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

(1:06:43) Escape From Tomorrow
(1:21:55) Prisoners
(1:37:42) Don Jon

(1:49:35) What’s Next Week?
(1:55:12) Links/Goodbyes
(1:57:05) Escape From Tomorrow OST by Abel Korzeniowski

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‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Movie Review

escape header

I reviewed one of the most talked about films from the Sundance film festival: The Disney theme park-set black-and-white surrealist horror film, Escape From Tomorrow. Click here to read the review.

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My Top 20 Most Anticipated Films of Sundance 2013


The Sundance Film Festival ended last week, and lots of great, interesting looking stuff showed there. Here’s what I’m most anticipating.

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