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CinEffect Podcast Episode 3: The Place Beyond the Pines, Oblivion, Upstream Color, and more

This is an old episode that I couldn’t upload because libsyn was being weird. Now it has been uploaded for your pleasure. Enjoy.

We talk about a ton of crap this week. Some discussions on games like Battleblock Theater, Gears of War Judgement, and Injustice; and then we get intellectual with some ponderings on Upstream Color, Oblivion, and finally The Place Beyond the Pines. STUFF! ALL THE STUFF!

To listen to the episode, click this link.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, as well.


(0:00) Upstream Color OST
(1:08) Introduction

(5:20) Gears of War Judgement
(17:39) Battleblock Theater
(22:50) God Mode
(28:40) Injustice: Gods Among Us
(31:17) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

(37:45) Alex lives in Virginia so he can’t see as much stuff
(38:53) Trance
(45:15) Upstream Color
(1:00:32) Evil Dead
(1:18:04) Oblivion
(1:31:46) The Place Beyond the Pines
(1:48:50) What’s Next Week
(1:52:17) Links & The Place Beyond the Pines OST

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