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CinEffect Podcast Episode 93


Are you ready to become the Ant-Man, Scott? Scott? Uhh, Scott? Are you listening to podcasts again?! SCOOOOTTTTT!!

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(0:00) Journey OST by Austin Wintory
(0:29) Intro

(7:03) Rocket League
(24:57) Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
(48:31) Journey

(1:17:03) 7 Days in Hell

(1:26:36) Tangerine
(1:36:28) Ant-Man
(2:12:01) Les dames de bois du bologne

(2:26:30) Coming Soon…
(2:34:33) Links/Outro

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CinEffect Podcast Episode #5: Dishonored, Paranormal Activity 4, Seven Psychopaths, Journey

To make up for last week’s absence, we’ve got a long, two-part episode with loads of games and movies to discuss. Alex names his XCOM guys after Chris, and they both discuss in great length how disappointing Paranormal Activity 4 is while urging you all to see Sinister instead. Also, Seven Psychopaths, Journey, Dishonored, Excision, and more!

Click these links to listen to the Episode: Part 1 & Part 2. And don’t forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

Timelines for each part after the jump.

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