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CinEffect Podcast Episode 62


What truly makes us alone? Is it our inability to share our love with others? Our tendency to hate? Our reliance on podcasts? Yeah, it’s probably the podcasts.

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(0:00) Life On Mars? by Jessica Lange (AHS Freak Show OST)
(1:05) Intro/Twin Peaks Returning!

(11:11) Super Smash Bros. 3DS (Again)
(26:11) Driveclub

(46:16) New anime season
(47:17) American Horror Story: Freak Show
(1:04:37) Kaiba

(1:26:03) Whiplash
(1:41:06) Tetsuo: The Iron Man
(1:59:16) Pulse (Kairo)
(2:18:44) Spooky October Horror-Thon Line-Up

(2:20:55) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:29:51) Links/Outro
(2:30:41) Carry Me Away by Seira Kagami (Kaiba ED)

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