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CinEffect Podcast Episode 113


Once there was a young prince who set out on a quest to find a precious podcast…

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(0:00) Exodus by Wojciech Kila (Knight of Cups OST)
(0:43) Intro

(1:07) The Division

(38:40) Random TV Interlude

(40:15) Knight of Cups
(1:06:07) The Boy and the Beast

(1:39:18) Coming Soon…
(1:47:43) Links/Outro

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For Your Reconsideration: ‘Wolf Children’

wolf 3


I continue to shine my spotlight at films that need a reconsideration this year before Movie Mezzanine’s year-end extravaganza begins. I’ve already geeked out about Mamoru Hosada’s gorgeous and emotional animated family film Wolf Children on the podcast with Alex, but this is my first written piece on why more people need this film on their radar. Click here to read the full piece.

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