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CinEffect Podcast Episode 58

destinythe dropTHE KNICK

We called it the Traveler. And ever since it shined its glorious podcasts onto us, humanity started a new Golden Age. Little did we know, however, that with this new light, a terrible darkness would come to destroy our beloved Traveler, and the podcasts it spawned in its wake.

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(0:00) Destiny OST by Martin O’Donnell
(0:31) Intro

(5:09) Destiny

(1:06:07) Miscellaneous Anime Talk
(1:13:17) The Knick

(1:29:00) Honeymoon
(1:37:48) No Good Deed
(1:55:09) The Drop

(2:13:22) Coming Soon to Theaters
(2:27:32) Coming Soon to Games
(2:29:22) Links/Outro

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