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CinEffect Podcast Episode 88

fury roadpitch perfect 2clouds of sils mariabeyond thunderdome

Out in the wasteland, it was hard to tell who was more mad. Me? Or the podcast hosts who have torn this land apart.

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(0:00) Mad Max: Fury Road OST
(0:37) Intro

(7:29) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
(23:52) Late Bloodborne Spoiler Talk

(50:03) Clouds of Sils Maria
(1:02:13) Far From the Madding Crowd
(1:15:14) Pitch Perfect 2
(1:34:15) Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
(1:58:34) Mad Max: Fury Road

(2:32:02) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:34:53) Links/Outro

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