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CinEffect Podcast Episode 91

inside outshenmuedope

We are the little voices inside your head. Or rather, in your earbuds, travelling into your head through your ears. Something like that.

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(0:00) Inside Out OST by Michael Giacchino
(0:21) Intro/Announcing the Bresson Marathon

(5:46) Shenmue

(35:20) Sense8

(51:31) Jurassic World
(1:17:46) Dope
(1:25:41) Inside Out

(1:49:46) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(1:55:19) Why Was Pixar’s New Short So Bad?
(1:58:37) Links/Outro
(2:00:12) Can’t Bring Me Down by Awreeoh (Dope OST)

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