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CinEffect Podcast Episode 2: Bioshock Infinite & Spring Breakers

The theme of this week is The American Dream. On one end, a film that depicts the state of American youth and its culture gone completely mad, as we dissect Harmony Korine’s latest vulgar art-house project, Spring Breakers. On the other end, a city in the sky in which infinite variations of the American Dream are birthed from free-will and choice. We get highly analytical as we spend a long, long time getting into a huge, spoiler-filled discussion with Irrational Games’s Bioshock Infinite. Look at our shit.

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(0:00) God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
(0:42) Introduction
(7:58) Spring Breakers
(30:37) Brief Thoughts on Stoker
(31:38) Bioshock Infinite
(47:31) Bioshock Infinite SPOILER DISCUSSION
(1:43:15) Upcoming Game Releases
(1:46:30) Upcoming/Current Movie Releases
(1:53:44) Links
(1:55:55) Beast by Nico Vega
(1:57:19) “Poop-sock’d”

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