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CinEffect Podcast Episode 60

boxtrollsterrormoral orel

God gave us podcast so we never have to sit in car rides in boredom ever again. And if you don’t download your weekly podcast, you’re committing a sin against Him. Now let’s eat!

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(0:00) Little Boxes by Loch Lomo (Boxtrolls OST)
(0:50) Intro

(4:31) Miscellaneous Game Talk
(7:12) Gauntlet (2014)

(28:49) Girls und Panzer
(36:51) Random talk about buying anime figures
(38:35) Terror in Resonance
(52:15) Moral Orel Seasons 1 & 2

(1:10:18) The Equalizer
(1:28:59) The Boxtrolls

(1:45:11) Random Key & Peele Discussion
(1:46:35) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(1:58:13) Links/Outro
(2:00:00) Think With Your Heart by The Crucifolks (Moral Orel OST)

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