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CinEffect Podcast Episode #11: The Wolverine, Fruitvale Station, Phil Fish, and more!

We discuss the recent Phil Fish debacle, review games like Kentucky Route Zero and Rise of the Triad, talk films such as The Wolverine and Fruitvale Station, and kick it off with some thoughts on trailers.

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(0:00) Life’s a Bitch by Nas
(0:33) Intro

(4:16) Phil Fish Discussion
(11:38) Mercenary Kings
(17:13) Kentucky Route Zero
(26:08) Rise of the Triad

(31:20) Fruitvale Station
(49:13) The Wolverine
(1:09:35) Upcoming Releases/Recommendations
(1:20:29) Links
(1:21:27) Trailer Discussions
(1:28:29) Farewells/Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men

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