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Life of Pi Movie Review

[Life of Pi
Directed by Ang Lee
Starring: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Rafe Spall
MPAA: PG – For Emotional Thematic Content Throughout and some Scary Action Sequences and Peril]

Life of Pi left me awed. It’s a beautiful, exhilarating, deeply human odyssey that strongly affected me on a dozen emotional levels. And yet, I find myself at a crossroads. For as incredible as most of this film is, there are major flaws that keep it from true greatness. Part of me wants to forgive the movie of those flaws thanks in part to how this movie welled up numerous emotions within me, but upon further retrospection, they become larger and impossible to really ignore, let alone forgive. So regardless of how many flaws I list, let it be said that this is still a must-see film with just a few glaring caveats.

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