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CinEffect Podcast Episode 12: Parts 1 & 2

There was so much stuff to talk about that we had to split it into two parts. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

To listen to the episodes, click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

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(0:00) Gone Home Official Soundtrack
(0:40) Intro

(3:16) DuckTales Remastered
(6:56) Spelunky
(8:23) Guacamelee
(13:29) Divekick
(18:13) Gone Home
(27:25) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
(41:27) Alex’s PS Vita
(44:08) Soundshapes
(46:54) Papers, Please
(53:56) Saint’s Row IV
(58:00) Upcoming Game Releases

(1:05:35) Breaking Bad Season 5
(1:08:21) The Wire Catch-Up
(1:12:50) Neon Genesis Evangelion & End of Evangelion

(1:42:28) Komm Susser, Tod

(0:00) Looking for the Magic by Dwight Twilley Band

(0:59) The Act of Killing
(6:45) Elysium
(31:50) Blue Jasmine
(45:25) You’re Next
( 1:05:05) The World’s End/Chris meets Pegg, Frost, and Wright
(1:21:46) Future Releases

(1:33:51) Links/Farewells
(1:35:50) Happy Hour by Housemartins

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‘You’re Next’ Movie Review

next header

Here’s my latest Movie Mezzanine review. The fun, brutal, hysterical You’re Next from director Adam Wingard. Republished from my LAFF coverage for your reading pleasure. Click here to read.

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LAFF Review: You’re Next

you're next 1

I finally got to see You’re Next and it was as good as I’ve heard. Click here to read my review.

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