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CinEffect Podcast Episode 115

batman v superman

Tell me… Do you podcast? You will.

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(0:00) Batman ’60s Theme
(0:30) Intro

(3:08) Dragon Quest III

(36:12) London Has Fallen
(46:52) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
(53:53) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

(1:32:49) Coming Soon…
(1:36:33) Links/Outro

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Some Brief Thoughts on ‘Man of Steel’

I got to see Man of Steel early last night. I’m not writing a review since Movie Mezzanine’s own Kevin Ketchum just wrote a very positive one on the site. That being said, I have a lot to say on the film, and I want to get those thoughts out for anyone thinking about seeing it. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything since, obviously, the general public hasn’t been given the chance to see it yet. Without further ado: Here are my thoughts IN BULLET POINT FORM OMG! Continue reading


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Man of Steel Trailer is Epic, Beautifully Shot, Generally Awesome

I find myself to be a Zack Snyder apologist, I guess. I still have yet to see the Dawn of the Dead remake but I sorta like 300 and honestly love Watchmen. The owl movie was…not terrible. Just strange, is all; but it did have great visuals. And then there’s the wild card of the catalogue: Sucker Punch. I don’t love it, nor do I hate it, and I respect what Snyder was trying to do with that movie while understanding that it doesn’t quite stick the landing.

Regardless, the new Man of Steel trailer is up and, let me tell you, it gave me the chills. Regardless of your feelings towards Snyder, you have to admit that this looks fairly impressive. Full trailer and some personal thoughts after the jump…

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