How I Got Quoted On Yahtzee Croshaw’s Latest Book

I wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing, but there’s an interesting story here.

Backstory/Context: Over a year ago, I launched the CinEffect website. It was a blogspot and it looked a little dated (We recently made the shift to WordPress), but it was a good start. On it, I started publishing the reviews and podcasts that I used to post solely on GameInformer. Because while GameInformer’s User Blog feature was pretty good, posting movie reviews on a gaming site was kind of…off. So I made CinEffect. On it, I posted all my reviews, lists, podcasts, and articles about whatever I wanted to talk about. While I generally wrote about film and games for the written sections, and a little bit of TV on the podcast, there were two mediums I didn’t discuss much: Music and books.

So, I wrote my first book review. It was a review of Mogworld, a novel written by a man I will whole-heartedly admit is one of the main influences on my style of writing/critiquing: Yahtzee Croshaw, creator of Zero Punctuation. For my first foray into review literature, even if it wasn’t what most would consider a “high brow” book, it was a rather solid review.

Fast-forward to the 15th of October, 2012, over a year later. This day is the first day that Yahtzee’s follow-up book, Jam, has released for the public. My copy was mailed to me, and I gleefully ripped it open. As the book was in my hands, I did what I normally did when I got a new book: Examined the cover art extensively, read the back cover synopsis/blurbs, read the “About The Author” section, then the “Praise for [Insert Author Name Here]” section. It was at that last bit that I saw something that sort of blew my mind.

In the “Praise for Yahtzee Croshaw” page, there was a really long quote of a review of Mogworld, his debut novel, placed above the other three or four quotes. It said it came from GameInformer. I thought to myself, Huh. I didn’t know GameInformer reviewed game-related books. Then, when I read the quote more closely, a feeling of deja-vu struck me harder and harder until the sudden realization came to me: That was a quote from my review. I quickly double-checked my old review for the first time in months, and sure enough, the paragraph was there. I squealed at the realization. Even though I’ve always had aspirations to write about film, this was still an equally amazing moment.

But then, questions popped up in my head. Who was in charge of putting the praise quotes in the book? And whoever it was, did they ever notice that it wasn’t a legitimate staff-written review of the book and was instead a user review from an amateur? Was GameInformer contacted and asked permission to use the quote? Don’t get me wrong, I’m wildly ecstatic about this situation, but I’m still rather curious with the circumstances that led to my review being quoted on a legitimate novel.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…you should hire me, GameInformer staff. I’m a college freshman who’s still job hunting. I could really use your moneys. Please? No? Okay, I’m kidding, of course. Let’s never speak of this awkward moment again. A review I wrote was apparently so professionally written that, despite it being a user-review, was deemed good enough to be quoted in an actual novel. That’s reason enough to be happy.

Here’s the link to the GameInformer review of Croshaw’s Mogworld.

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