CinEffect Podcast Episode 28

Quite a packed show this week as we talk movies, games, and even some television too! Some Spike Jonze, some Coen Brothers, some Studio Ghibli, David Cage, Dan Harmon, and other such subjects, along with quick reviews of Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks and the intriguing indie game The Swapper. Fun times all around!

To listen to this week’s episode, click here.

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(0:00) Hang Me Oh Hang Me by Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis OST)
(0:36) Intro

(2:34) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PC Version)
(7:26) The Swapper
(16:45) Beyond: Two Souls

(49:49) Community Season 5
(55:55) True Detective Hype

(58:11) Pom Poko
(1:08:22) Saving Mr. Banks
(1:23:37) Inside Llewyn Davis
(1:35:22) Her

(1:55:38) Coming Soon To Theaters
(1:56:48) Links/Promotions
(1:57:52) The Moon Song by Karen O (Her OST)

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