CinEffect Podcast Episode 65


This podcast was never about the truth. It was always the ratings. Don’t fight it. Accept it. We’ll run the show the way we planned it. Don’t reveal the new info. This is the way the podcast is supposed to be depicted. White dudes talking about stupid shit instead of the honest-to-god journalism you helplessly preach.

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(0:00) Nightcrawler OST by James Newton Howard
(0:24) Intro

(4:49) Sunset Overdrive
(25:11) Evolve Alpha
(37:42) Freedom Wars
(45:09) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

(1:01:18) Love Exposure
(1:11:33) The Signal
(1:28:44) Nightcrawler
(1:47:31) Possession (1981)

(2:09:13) Coming Soon to Theaters…
(2:19:05) Links/Outro


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